Virtual Reality To Help Ease Paranoia And Fear: Study

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Over 40 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders
ranging from general worries to paralyzing paranoia. The people
suffering from such disorders are under the strong and
sometimes incessant perception of paranoid and destructive
thoughts. This drives the patient into isolation, both physical
and mental. The feeling is as horrible as it can get.

Despite trying medicines, therapies, alternative treatments and
even TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Simulation), the person suffers
and the researchers are continuously striving for effective

A team of researchers
in the Netherlands might have hit upon an engaging
method-Virtual Reality. Yes, the technology which has found
admirers in the gaming and entertainment industry could
possibly be the therapeutic complement.

The clinical trials upon 116 patients have raised hopes as the
virtual reality exercises have led to relatively more amicable
social interactions. The usual reclusiveness felt by the
patients was eased while they worked in the virtual
environment. The method seems to complement the medication and
regular cognitive behavior therapy.

The current procedures are effective in reducing anxiety but
not the paranoia where the perceived threat overwhelms the
patient. The scientists guided the participants to explore and
challenge their fears in various situations. The
engagement with Virtual Reality helped the patients to
better their quality of social interactions.

The technology seems to build back the confidence of the
patients by allaying their fears and negative thought processes
in a controlled environment bit by bit.


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