Ubuntu 18.04 Will Be A “First-class” VM Guest In Microsoft Hyper-V

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If you’re a Linux enthusiast who loves to try out new Linux
distros and see how they look and feel, you must have used some
virtualization software. Such tools are even more popular among
developers and IT admins to sandbox processes for better

In a blog post
(Via: The Register),
Microsoft has announced that it’s making the Linux
virtualization experience better and aiming to make it as good
as Windows client VM experience. To do so, the company
collaborated with XRDP to bring an open source implementation
of Microsoft’s RDP protocol to Linux.

As a result, the company is making Ubuntu 18.04 a “first-class”
guest under Microsoft Hyper-V. It’ll bring benefits to your
session like copying-pasting to Linux VM. A brief list of major
features is here:

  • Window Resizing
  • Drive Redirection
  • Integrated Clipboard
  • Better Mouse experience

ubuntu vm hyper vImages: Microsoft

While this feature is currently under development and it’ll be
arriving with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you can find steps to get this
functionality in 16.04 in the blog post linked earlier in this

Once Ubuntu 18.04 is released, you’ll be able to find an Ubuntu
18.04 image in Hyper-V Quick Create Gallery. After this, with
just three clicks you’ll be able to get an Ubuntu VM running on
your system.

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