Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks (Details And Pictures) — Places Fingerprint Reader Where It Should Be

The two most common placements of a fingerprint reader are at
the front-bottom and the back. However, if you’re a design
engineer at Samsung, you might think otherwise and decide to
put right next to camera lens on the back so that users
accidentally end up rubbing their fingertip on camera to unlock
the phone. However, the scenario might change with the release
of Galaxy S9.

The Korean technology giant is expected to reveal Galaxy S9 on
February 25. But, due to tons of leaks, it doesn’t seem that
much mystery is left to the S9. There are tons of leaked images
and details circulating on the web, thanks to German website WinFuture and Redditors.

In the first look, the phone looks just like the current Galaxy
S8 smartphone and the device hosts the ultra-slim side bezels
and curve. There’s a new sound setup as well that allows
earpiece to act as a second speaker.

A noticeable change comes in the form of a new fingerprint and
camera setup found on the back of the device. It appears to
move the fingerprint reader below the camera, which should be
welcomed by the users. The size of the fingerprint reader is
also a little bigger and more comfortable to reach.

Talking about the photography, the rear camera can come with
the option to switch between f/2.4 and f/1.5 apertures. Both S9
and S9 Plus models will have variable aperture setup, but only
Plus model will feature a dual camera on the back.

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