“Intel Inside” In All 2018 iPhones; New Full-screen 6.1-inch iPhone Will Break Records: Report

Last year
when Apple accused Qualcomm of overcharging for its chips and a
series of other patent lawsuits, their relationship
went downhill.  As per the latest report from
analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and as reported by 9to5Mac, next
generation of iPhones will exclusively use Intel modems, instead
of Qualcomm.

This development is expected to create a lot of pressure on
Qualcomm. The recent move to Intel has become possible as Intel
modems now support both CMA and GSM, which would allow iPhones
to use Intel chips and work on all major networks.

It’s worth noting that KGI doesn’t rule out the return of
Qualcomm in future; this could happen probably after some
concessions in the lawsuit settlement. This could also
happen as Intel might not be ready for the 5G wave on time.

With iPhone X, Apple has already started this transition; some
iPhone X models are already shipping with Intel’s XMM7480
models. However, benchmarks have suggested that models with
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 modem showed better LTE performance.

In another prediction, Kuo has stated that
the new 6.1-inch LCD model could turn things around and act as
an ointment after iPhone X’s dismal sales. As per the report,
far more affordable and edgeless 6.1-inch model could result in
the iPhone super cycle. It perfectly makes sense as there are
tons of users who wish to upgrade to a newer, fullscreen design
but they aren’t willing to spend $999 for an upgrade.

If these predictions turn out to be true, Apple could break
existing sales and revenue records with 6.1-inch LCD
models and outsell the newer OLED models.

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