How To Turn Off Facebook Face Recognition System On App And PC?

When it comes to privacy features, Facebook probably has gone
where no company has gone before. It includes unchartered
territories like asking people’s naked
to help victims of revenge porn. Now, Facebook has
introduced another privacy feature that can tell whether
someone has uploaded your photo to Facebook’s network.

Although it was first announced in December last year, recently
the company has reached out Facebook users through their News
Feed, notifying them that the face recognition system is being
used “for more features.”

Analyzing people’s faces and storing them has its benefits. For
instance, people can know if someone has uploaded their
picture, regardless of whether they’re tagged in it or not.
Also, Facebook could tell you whether a stranger is using
your photo as their profile picture and help visually impaired
users identify people in photographs.

Facebook doesn’t store people’s images directly; it creates a
blueprint or faceprint of the face. The faceprint is somewhat
unique because every human face has a unique design
with different noes, eyes, jawline, etc.

While the use of face recognition seems to be helpful and would
decrease unauthorized image uploads, still, it’s a tradeoff
between privacy and comfort. Facebook has been using face
recognition to tag people in images for years. Maybe, after
having anxiety for some time, many people wouldn’t have much
problem accepting the latest changes Also, it’s currently
opt-in and you can Turn off Facebook face recognition.

The massive amounts of biometric data that Facebook will feed
its machine learning systems has sparked concerns.
Perhaps, it’s not what it appears from the crust. Moreover, the
social network is also fighting legal battles focused on the
face recognition itself.

However, the news feed also includes a vital piece of
information. It tells how the face recognition can be turned
off. Facebook says that the feature is ‘Off’ by default,
but if you have enabled ‘tag suggestions’ feature, then it
will be set to ‘On.’ You can turn it off anyway.

How to turn off Facebook’s Face Recognition?

To turn off Facebook’s face recognition on your Android, go to
Settings > Account Settings > Face Recognition
. There tap “Do you want Facebook to be
able to recognize you in photos and videos?
” options.
Choose ‘No‘ to disable the feature.

Turn off facebook face recognition 1

On Desktop, visit, Settings > Face
. There click the same option and disable
face recognition. It’s a one time process to turn off Facebook
face recognition. You disable it on one device, and the setting
is applied to your Facebook account.

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