How To Run YouTube In Background In Android and iOS?

Run YouTube in background Android iOS 2

It doesn’t matter what device people use, YouTube has become
the default streaming service for most of them. And it doesn’t
involve any cost, unless, one decides to go for YouTube Red

Despite all the features and great cat videos YouTube offers,
there is one thing that has been a pain in the ass for the
users: the ability to play videos in the background. It can be
helpful when people just want to listen to music only and do
other things. While many music streaming apps are up for
download on Google Play and App Store, YouTube is still
preferred by many for their music needs.

One of the best ways to get YouTube running in the background
is to get YouTube Red which adds the required capability
(through the YouTube Music app) and also removes annoying
advertisements. But the subscription is not available in all

Last year, Google introduced the PiP mode for YouTube and
other apps. For devices with a bigger screen it can be a little
helpful, if not the whole solution. But then the feature is
limited to Android Oreo which runs on another limited number of

Another way out of the dilemma is to use third-party apps that
can enable picture-in-picture mode of their own. Free music for YouTube:
is one such app for Android. But users have always
craved for a solution that works without installing any app. It
seems, doing the same is possible up to some extent.

How to run YouTube in the background on Android and iOS? (No
App Required)

You can take advantage of a workaround to play YouTube videos
in the background if you use Google Chrome. It might not be as
convenient as Red, but the trick does the job by taking
advantage of Chrome’s desktop mode feature.

For Chrome, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open in Google Chrome on your Android or iOS
  2. Tap the three-dot button in the top right corner to open
    the overflow menu.
  3. Tap Desktop site and YouTube will reload to open its PC
    Run YouTube in background Android iOS 1
  4. Now, play any video you like and press the Menu or Home
    button to put the app in the background.
  5. As expected, the video will stop playing. You can pull down
    the Notifications shade and tap the play button in Chrome’s
    notification to resume the audio. For iOS, you pull up the
    Control Center to access playback controls.
    Run YouTube in background Android iOS 2

Now, you can do whatever you want; the YouTube video will
keep playing in the background. But keep in mind, if you go
back to Google Chrome and minimize the app, the video will be
paused, and you will have to resume it again from the
Notifications shade. Also, audio doesn’t keep playing if you
minimize Chrome when running YouTube’s mobile version.

What’s the best part?

The trick works even if your Android phone’s screen is off.
That means you can use YouTube as a regular music player as

The trick is not Chrome exclusive

You can also use any other browser to run YouTube in the
background, provided it has the desktop mode option available.
However, playback controls in the Notifications shade and on
the lock screen may differ.

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