How To Install KDE Plasma Mobile On Your Android Smartphone?

kde plasma mobile

New Linux-based mobile operating systems and hardware projects
have been making numerous headlines in the recent months.
Projects like postmarketOS, Plasma Mobile, Librem 5, etc., have managed
to gain momentum and support of open source community.

To give you a rough idea of how things are going on the Plasma
Mobile land, its developers have shared two methods
(Via: Softpedia) to test
Plasma Mobile on an actual Android smartphone. In a previous
post, they also shared virtual machine images of the OS.

So, let’s tell you how you can install KDE Plasma Mobile on
your smartphone. It goes without saying that these projects are
in development phase and they might not be suitable for primary

Try Plasma Mobile using postmarketOS:

As said above, postmarketOS development is gaining traction.
This Alpine Linux-based distribution offers Plasma Mobile as an
available user interface choice.

You can visit postmarketOS wiki
to know about the supported devices and installation
instructions. While following the instructions, don’t forget to
select ‘plasma-mobile’ as the user interface.

It’s worth noting that postmarketOS offers Plasma Mobile on
devices running mainline kernel instead of the pre-installed
older kernel.

kde plasma mobileImage: KDE

Halium + KDE neon-based rootfs:

For those who don’t know, Halium lets you add a minimal
Android layer to interact with underlying Android kernel and
hardware using a non-Android graphical environment.

With the help of Neon-based rootfs provided by Plasma team, you
can give Plasma Mobile a try. The development team
provides a Halium source manifest that one can use to build

You can find all the relevant and useful links on this page and
try out Plasma Mobile on Android smartphone.

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