How to Implement WordPress Post Push Notification to Chrome, Firefox

It’s possible to notify your visitors on Chrome, Android
browser whenever you publish new post or page. You might have
noticed this small pop up on Facebook or many other websites,
which ask your permissions to allow or block the notifications.


Did you ever wonder how to implement this on your WordPress
website? Well, this is cool idea to notify your visitors on
your new post. It’s quick way to get the traffic on your new
post and re-engage your website visitors.

Chrome is leading browser and more than 60% of the traffic of
Geek Flare comes from it.


Google Chrome is everywhere.


Let’s take a look at implementing push notification. There are
multiple service providers, however, I have tried following and
it works. Good thing is – they are free!

1. Aimtell

Aimtell plugin helps you to
quickly setup push notification in your WordPress website. Once
you install the plugin, you need to create an account and then
you are all set.


Implementing push notification by Aimtell plugin is super
easy. Aimtell provides you a beautiful dashboard where you can
view your subscribers, create a new campaign, target
notification based on segments, logs, etc.

It works with Safari, Firefox & Chrome browser. So if you
are looking for quick setup, go ahead and try out Aimtell .

2.Web Push

Web Push plugin uses W3C Push API
and it works well with Chrome for Desktop and Android. You may
check the compatible browser and version details here .

In order to use Web Push, you need to create Google Project and
API, don’t worry it’s free. You can refer Google Developers
documentation to create one.

You may configure following with Web Push plugin.

  • Default or Custom site title
  • User posts thumbnail, site icon or no icon
  • Choice to display subscription button on bottom-right
    corner so visitor can either subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Ask user to subscribe notification on the first visit or
    after number of visits
  • Configure push triggers

If you are just looking for Google Chrome push then this might
be worth try.

3. Push Crew

PushCrew plugin helps you to setup
push on Chrome and Firefox browser. Setting up this plugin is
quite easy. You can send unlimited notifications to up to 500
subscribers in the free account.

Once you install the plugin, you need PushCrew account ID which
you will get when you register a free account at their
website .


4. OneSignal

OneSignal is probably one of
the most active installed plugin from WordPress repository for
push notification. It supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox
browser on HTTP or HTTPS site.


OneSignal allows you to configure an automatic
notification, opt-in customization, schedule notification,
real-time analytics and much more. You get all the features in
absolutely free.

I hope above WordPress plugins help you to implement push
notification on your website/blog to re-engage the visitors.


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