How to Collect Feedback from Visitors on WordPress Website?

Launched your website and don’t know what visitors think about
it? Or they may have some idea on design, topics, etc. to share
with you?

Collecting feedback is a continuous improvement to any
business. Negative or positive – both helps you.

Negative to improve and positive to build your confidence and
succeed further.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. – Ken

Do you agree?

Well, I do!

Why you need feedback on your website?

Lately, I was running out of idea on what topic I should
focus more. I had 5-6 topics but unable to
decide where to spend more time on it.

Then I decided to ask visitors itself about what they want to
see more on Geek Flare. And guess what? I am
glad that I setup feedback collection system.

Within one week, I got 63 feedback.

More than 30 feedback requested to write on a topic which I
never thought about it. You see how feedback
can generate an idea for your blog?

This is what I asked in my feedback box

Feedback can be helpful in many ways including:

  • Running out of ideas on what to write or what visitor wants
  • Re-designed your website and don’t know if
    people like it
  • Launching a new product and want to know what market thinks
  • Know what people like most on your website
  • Ask what they don’t like

What type of feedback do you need on your

It depends on the purpose. There are various types of feedback
you may ask.

Free Text – do you want to ask open-ended
questions? Use a single line or multiple lines types of widget.

Checkbox – ask a close-ended question by
giving the option to select the answer.

For ex: do you like our new design of the

Net Promoter Score – get the feeling of the
visitor if they would like to recommend your
service/product/blog to their friends.

I hope you get an idea how feedback can be important to your
online business. Let’s look at the following services who can
help you to launch feedback in minutes. They all have a
FREE plan so you can play around.

Feedback Collection Solutions



I tested feedback through Get Site Control and loved the simple dashboard.
It just works and gets you started in FREE.

You can create and design the survey widget which gives you an
option to;

  • Change the color to match your website branding
  • Create the question from premade template like single line,
    welcome message, radio buttons, drop-down, multiple lines,
    rating and success confirmation
  • Control the behavior it should display like frequency, on
    scroll, once
  • Target to show on all pages, don’t show on specific URI
  • Receive notification

GetSiteControl widget is mobile responsive,
and along with survey feedback, you can also create the

  • Beautiful responsive subscription box
  • Actionable contact us page
  • Get your product noticed with promo widget
  • Social follow and share bar
  • Chat with your visitors

You can install the plugin right from your WordPress admin. Go
ahead and try to see if GetSiteControl can help you.


Hotjar is the all-in-one solution for analytics
and feedback. You can have a single script to manage all the

Feedback Polls by Hotjar let you create a feedback box to ask
question in radio button, short/long text, checkbox and net
promoter score.

You can customize the look & feeling of the box and control
the behavior and target devices like desktop, tablet or mobile.

Hotjar got question bank, so you don’t need to spend on
thinking what to ask. You may re-use it.

For ex:

  • How did you find our site?
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?
  • Is our pricing clear?
  • Was this article helpful?

An example of net promoter score:

Hotjar also provides a solution such as:

  • Heatmap to understand how users interact with your website
  • Record how users move their cursor, click and navigate to
    your website
  • Hire your user to test your website or new product
  • Collect survey
  • Find out on which page the most visitors leave

You may try the FREE plan to explore the
Hotjar all-in-one solution.


With the help of Survicate , you can create website
surveys and questionnaires with pre-designed templates or from

You can get the plugin from here .


Mare is focused on providing survey solution and
lead generate. They can help you to launch a survey popup with
the following features.

  • Collect feedback in various ways – multiple choices, 5-star
    rating, net promoter score, demographic questions
  • Lead form to grow your mailing list
  • Export data to CSV
  • Control how, when & where feedback box should appear

You can connect to Mare from your WordPress by this plugin .

You may also consider the following which does similar to above

Above solution should help you to get feedback for
continuous improvement. All of them are having
a free plan so go ahead and see which one works for you.

As usual, let me know your feedback on this post in a comment


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