How A Single Character “Text Bomb” Can Crash Your iPhone And Mac

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In late January, it was widely reported that Apple is changing
its iOS software plans; it’ll now delay some planned iOS 12
features to focus on current issues and improving the quality.
Given the recent iOS and iPhone bugs, this seems like a
well-received decision. It’ll allow the engineers to enjoy a
relaxed deadline and work on honing the performance.

The most recent bug in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra allows one
to send a specific character to crash the devices. Spotted by
Italian publication Mobile World, this
bug can crash iPhones and block your access to popular
applications like WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, etc.

The character being talked about here belongs to the Indian
language Telugu. If one sends the character, iOS Springboard
crashes once the message is received and the operating system
tries to show it in a notification. The applications freeze
even the character is simply pasted in a text field. That’s not
all. Even Apple’s watchOS is affected.

However, Apple has noticed the issue and is working to fix the
bug. The latest beta versions of iOS and macOS are already
immune to this issue, and I can confirm the same. A future
update before iOS 11.3 release will fix the problem in all
versions of operating systems.

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