Feel the Power of Kinsta – Performance Optimized & Secure WordPress Hosting

Do you want to take advantage of low-latency
Google Cloud Platform for your WordPress site without
installing complicated tech stacks Nginx, PHP, MySQL,
WordPress, security, CDN, etc.?

Configuring fast loading and secure WordPress is always
challenging. It requires good skills and efforts.

Thanks to Kinsta , a modern fully
managed WordPress hosting approach where you can take advantage
of all the latest speed and security
without spending big bucks and time.

Wondering, what is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a premium hosting provider , powered
by Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to provide the best
hosting experience ever with friendly support.

Let’s explore some of the advanced features
Kinsta offer.

Cutting-edge Technologies

If you want to beat your competitor, then you got to stand out
in the crowd.

Slow loading site doesn’t just affect the sales but also SEO
and overall user experience. Nobody likes a slow loading web

Performance Matters!

Kinsta is powered by some of the following best
performance-oriented technologies to deliver an optimal

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – host with the
best in the industry. A premium low-latency reliable network
with a scalable infrastructure to accommodate small to
enterprise level of web applications, site, etc.

LEMP Stack – your WordPress site will be
running on Linux container, Nginx, MariaDB & PHP 7. Using
the latest version of tech stacks are essential as it helps in
performance and improved security.

Ex: PHP 7
is twice faster than Php 5 for WordPress.

Don’t worry about keeping track of the latest version of
technologies and upgrading it, Kinsta does it for you.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – don’t bother
about paying an additional bill to CDN provider. Kinsta is
tightly integrated with KeyCDN to provide FREE
 (starting from 50 GB) in each plan.

KeyCDN got many performance advantages, such as:

  • Reduce time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Compression on the fly using GZIP and HPACK
  • HTTP/2 for parallel content push over single TCP connection
  • Serve the request from user’s nearest location

Powerful Caching – A powerful server-side
caching is implemented to provide full-page & object
caching to serve the requested content faster. Kinsta cache plugin is installed by
default with WordPress to give you control to purge the cache
whenever you want.

Kinsta DNS – A premium DNS powered by
Amazon Route 53 where you can manage your DNS
zone records.

Multiple Datacenter locations

Don’t settle hosting anywhere in North America, Europe or Asia
instead go as close as your users.

Multiple strategic locations in each region give you a choice
to choose the hosting location near to your customers.

Hack-Proof Security

Thousands of sites get
hacked every day due to misconfiguration and not hardened
server properly.

But you don’t worry about them as multiple layers of security
are provided in every  Kinsta hosting plan .

  • DDoS detection
  • Malware scanning
  • Hardware firewall
  • Two-factor authentication for Kinsta admin

You can also enable HTTPS (TLS Certificate)
for your website with just one click. There are two options.

  1. Use Let’s Encrypt FREE certificate
  2. Your custom certificate

Backup is your friend!

When nothing works, backup helps. Sometimes it’s easier to
restore the website from the backup. It’s faster!

Kinsta offers daily backup automatically
and retains for 14 days. If needed, you can
directly restore from their admin panel to the live site.

Taking a backup on-demand is possible too.

Continous Monitoring

Managed WordPress site is checked every 60 seconds for uptime
so if something goes wrong you know the first and take
necessary action.

Kinsta also integrates tightly with New Relic
for advanced performance monitoring. If you are troubleshooting
performance related problem, then this will be handy.

New Relic can be enabled right from the dashboard.


One of the advantages of using container is hardware resources
are allocated as and when needed. This enables to scale up or
down based on the traffic.

No more worry about capacity planning, always ready for
unexpected traffic.

Administrator/Developer friendly

Take control of your server infrastructure, code, database,
etc. One of the common questions asked about managed hosting is
about getting server resources access.

The answer is yes with Kinsta.

SSH/SFTP – connect to your server using SSH or

Database – access your WordPress database
using phpMyAdmin.

Staging environment – create a replica of your
website to play around, test plugin, theme, modifications and
once satisfied then push the changes to production with just
one click.

PHP management – want to change the PHP
versions or restart? It’s possible.

Detailed Analytics

Why go through the lengthy web server logs to analyze the
metrics? Instead, view them on the dashboard.

  • Bandwidth usage
  • Visitors
  • Top requests by bytes/visits
  • PHP throughput
  • Average PHP + MySQL response time
  • Visit by desktop vs. mobile
  • Response code breakdown
  • Cache, Geo analysis

Having right metrics will help to optimize the site for better

For an ex, you can quickly find out if there is any database or
PHP slow response while debugging site slowness

Read more about Kinsta Analytics here .

Beautiful Site Management Dashboard

A new MyKinsta dashboard let you do everything you
need to manage a WordPress site.

It got more options than cPanel & Plesk. It’s fast!

Expert Support

Kinsta support is available 24×7 for any issues you have with
your site. The good thing about support is all of them are a
developer, administrator, so they know in and out and can help
to fix the issues faster.

You can report an issue or ask questions directly from the
dashboard over intercom chat system.

No more waiting for an email reply or checking the case status.
Much easy, isn’t it?

How does Kinsta look to you so far?

Let’s take a look at some more exciting features.

Migrate your WordPress in FREE

I know changing the WordPress hosting can be a pain when things
go wrong. However, when you go for PRO or higher plan you can
get the FREE

Migrating hosting won’t have any downtime to your site. It will
be planned in such a way that users don’t experience service
disruption and handled by experienced professionals.

Migration Process

Who uses Kinsta?

Kinsta is trusted by thousands of customers around the globe,
and they have noticed a significant improvement in page
load time and reduced cost.


  • aThemes decreased load time by 50%
  • Superluchas reduced bill by 70%

Some of the known brands with Kinta are Intuit, Ricoh, GE,
Workforce, Ubisoft, Valicor, etc.

Visitor-based Pricing

Pay as you grow your business.You can get it started from as
low as $30 per month and scale when needed.

It’s for everyone! For a professional blogger, eCommerce store
owner, corporate blogger, company website, start-up to
enterprise level.

Kinsta is enterprise and
WooCommerce ready.


Kinsta looks promising to me with all the modern technologies
and focused on providing best hosting and support.

If you are serious about speed & security about your
WordPress site, then you must give a try to Kinsta .

They offer a flexible refund policy .


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