Debian GNU/Linux For Windows 10 Now Available In Microsoft Store

Just yesterday, we told you about the availability of Kali Linux on Microsoft
. This allowed the users to add the penetration distro
to the Windows Subsystem for Linux. What’s more exciting is
that you can install multiple distros side by side on WSL.

The latest distro to join this crop is Debian GNU/Linux, which
is also called The Universal Operating System. In a blog post,
Microsoft announced that now one can download and install
Debian via the Microsoft Store.

Linux enthusiasts must be knowing that Debian is known to be a
stable and free operating system that people can use for
general work purpose at home or office. It could also be used
for server and cloud deployments.

“You will be able to use a complete Debian command line
environment for the current stable release (9/stretch),”
according to Debian’s Microsoft Store description.

If you’ve tried WSL in the past, you’d be aware of the simple
steps you need to take to get Debian GNU/Linux up and running
in Windows 10. Otherwise, feel free to read this previous article
on Ubuntu and openSUSE installation from Windows Store. You
just need to visit this Microsoft Store
 and rest of the steps are same.

What are your thoughts on these latest additions of Linux
distros in Windows 10? Share your views in the comments

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