Confirmed: Facebook Is Testing A Downvote Button

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Facebook is testing a new feature that allows its users to
downvote the comments they consider inappropriate or
unmeaningful for the community. This step could be seen as a
means to promote healthy discussion and interaction among the

This move can also be connected to the recent push being made
by the company to bury the content from the websites and media
companies that don’t help users. As per The Daily Beast,
Facebook has confirmed that it’s testing a feature for people
to share feedback about comments on public posts. At the
moment, the test is being carried out with just a tiny segment
of people.

It’s worth observing that Facebook has refrained itself from
calling it a “dislike” button, however, it undoubtedly works
like one. If rolled out publicly, this will allow an individual
to dislike comments and help the negative statements push to
the bottom of the comments feed.

It’s a known fact that the social networking users have long
demanded a dislike button but the company, instead, developed a
Reactions option to let one
respond with different emojis. Mark Zuckerberg defended this
action by saying that they didn’t build a Dislike button to
stop the website from turning into a forum where people voted
up and down. It remains to be seen what his company does to
prevent the downvote feature from being used in a similar

At the moment, the exact scale of testing is unexplained and we
don’t have any tentative date of the final rollout of this
feature. As the announcement takes place, we shall intimate our
viewers with a news update.


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