Android P Internally Codenamed “Pistachio Ice Cream,” Expected To Get “Notch” Support To Lure Apple Fans

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The next major Android version, Android P, could see a release
in almost half a year’s time. So, other than guessing the
name of the new dessert,
features are being anticipated by the Android lovers.

A Bloomberg report,
claiming sources, said Google might follow Apple’s path and
award Android devices a notch similar to iPhone X. As a part of
a ‘dramatic redesign’ of the mobile OS, the move
might be Google’s effort to attract Apple users and make
their iOS to Android transition less troublesome by
facilitating a similar experience.

It won’t be the first time Android devices would feature a
notch; Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone already has it, though it’s
smaller than that of iPhone X. But it can’t be assumed that the
said change would arrive on all Android devices as the
manufacturing of Android smartphones is done by many companies
which can tailor the devices as they want.

Android 9.0 would also include better support for devices with
different form factors (like multiple screens and foldable
displays) and better integration of Google Assistant. The
report said that third-party developers will be able to use
Google Assistant in their apps. Chances are that the company
might integrate assistant into the search bar on the home
screen as well.

Regarding the name of Android P, the sources said that the next
Android is internally codenamed Pistachio Ice Cream. But,
Google is known to keep separate public codenames for Android
versions. Recently, they dropped some hint by keeping
a Pineapple Pie in Google I/O puzzle.

All of the said changes can only be confirmed when
Android 9.0 sees the daylight. We could see a developer preview
popping out sometime before I/O if Google follows their recent
annual trend of releasing the previews earlier.

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