9 Premium WordPress Hosting for Heavy Traffic Website

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms with more
than 59% of market share in CMS and 28%
of all websites.

WordPress is the first choice for
many requirements like a personal blog, news site,
corporate page, e-commerce, etc.

There are numbers of cheap hosting solution for WordPress which
is ok for when you are starting or playing around.

However, once your website is popular and starts gaining
heavy traffic you need premium hosting
for better availability
and performance.

Quality doesn’t come cheap.

As the traffic increases, you need a server which can handle
millions of request and doesn’t crash
when traffic surge. Quality hosting would cost you little extra
than traditional hosting but trust me; it would pay you

The following WordPress optimized hosting solution is for
optimal performance & security. They are
designed with inbuilt WordPress installation and control panel
to manage & configure your website which consumes less
time and efforts.

Most of the things are doable with just one

The advantage of hosting your site with a quality provider.

  • Excellent customer support – you might think
    what it got to do but when things go wrong, or you don’t have
    time to fix you can always rely on their customer support.
  • High uptime – the server can crash or goes
    down for many reasons, but quality hosting provider will have
    high-availability setup, so your website is always running
    with no or less downtime.
  • Better security – they provide account
    security like two-factor authentication, brute-force attack
    prevention, SSL certificate and many other things to keep
    your website
    safe and secure from online threats .
  • Better performance – they use latest tech
    stack and hot technologies to make your website
    load faster.

Let’s take a look at the next provider who takes care of
backend datacenter works so you can focus on your

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud
and provide fully managed WordPress hosting.
Business plan starts from $100 a month with unlimited page
views which mean you don’t have to worry about when traffic
goes high.

Some of the features highlight:

  • Active and passive security – your site is
    monitored every minute to detect malicious requests, DDoS
    attacks and stop them proactively.
  • Flexibility to choose data center location
    you can choose where you want to host your website from US,
    Europe or Asia.
  • Site Migration – you can engage Kinsta
    support to migrate your existing website for FREE.
  • Backup – your sites are automatically backed
    up every day. Backup is your friend.
  • Tech stack – built on Nginx, PHP7 &
    MariaDB for fast loading web pages.

Read a detailed review about
Kinsta .

2. WP Engine

WP Engine is an
award-winning hosting platform for customer
service & support. Trusted by more than 60,000 customers
including AMD, Yelp, MaxCDN, New Relic, etc. You can get it
started from $29 a month.

WP Engine is built on highly scalable architecture with
EverCache, and the following are some notable features.

  • Real-time security – threats detection
    & prevention – your site is secured from online
    attacks like DDoS, XSS, SQLi and other WordPress related
  • Auto updates – don’t worry about updating
    WordPress, WP Engine does for you.
  • Automatic Migration – Migrate existing
    WordPress to WP Engine in just a few clicks.
  • Staging area – running a busy website and
    don’t want to change directly in production? Quickly create a
    copy of your site so you can do a test before pushing
    the changes to the live site.
  • Unlimited data transfer, FREE SSL, PHP7 ready.

So go ahead and give a try to WP Engine and see how it
works. Anyway, they offer 60-days money back so you can cancel
anytime if not satisfied.

3. Flywheel

Running a web agency and would like to offload WordPress
hosting & management to someone? Try Flywheel .

Pricing start from $15 a month with rock-solid features.
Flywheel provides the only WordPress hosting so you can
consider they are specialized in one thing and do it
. With inbuilt caching feature, you don’t have to
worry about third-party plugins. You get the following
with every plan.

  • SFTP access – secure FTP to transfer your
    files to the server.
  • Auto backup – backup is taken every night,
    and whenever need you can restore with just one click.
  • Malware scanning – Flywheel has partnered
    with SUCURI for continuous
    malware scan to your site

Flywheel blueprint is perfect for cloning. Blueprint let you
create a pre-installed package with your favorite themes,
plugin so you can get your WordPress site ready faster
with just one click.

Ready to fly? Try Flywheel to see if it works for you.


4. StudioPress

StudioPress is well known
for introducing Genesis framework to the WordPress market. New
entry in hosting solution but already awarded for
Fastest WordPress Hosting” of 2017 by

You can get it started from $24 a month which includes 20
mobile-ready themes, advanced SEO, free SSL certificate,
one-click plugin installation, automatic Genesis &
WordPress updates & world class support.

If you like Genesis (like me), you will like StudioPress
WordPress hosting too.

5. Pantheon

Pantheon is lightning fast
WordPress hosting built on the following hot technologies,
ready to scale to serve hundreds of millions of requests.

  • PHP7
  • Nginx
  • Varnish Cache
  • Redis
  • New Relic

Pantheon is trusted by thousands of big organization like Dell,
Docker, Tableau, Nvidia, etc. and claim to the fastest
hosting on the planet

Pricing start from $25 for a personal site. If you are looking
for reliable, scalable WordPress solution then looks like
Pantheon would be a good choice.

6. Rackspace

Rackspace is the largest
managed cloud provider offer WordPress hosting for the
high-traffic website. You can launch cloud-hosting
scalable WordPress site from $128 a month.

Your site is managed by backed by the award-winning 24x7x265
support, so you don’t need to worry about what’s running in the
backend like Web Server, Load balancing, caching, security,

7. Liquid Web

Designed for mission-critical sites. Liquid Web  is trusted by
thousands of customers, and some of the world leading brands
are FedEx, GM, Xerox, Fila, ESPN, etc.

Liquid Web provides site-wide caching, image compression and
some of the following notable features.

  • Managing multiple sites – partnered with
    iThemes to provide easy multiple site management. You can
    update multiple WordPress with just one click.
  • Unlimited page views – no need to pay extra
    if traffic increase.
  • Dynamic LB – load balancing for
  • FREE SSL Cert, backup, migration
  • Security monitoring

Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting plan starting from

8. Site Ground

Site Ground is known for quality customer support and providing
superior site performance. You may choose from the following
two plans for best performance.

Cloud hosting – fully managed cloud server to
host your preferred CMS including WordPress. Some of the
features include.

  • Dedicated IP
  • cPanel – easy to manage your hosting
  • Auto-scalable resource
  • SSH & WP-CLI access
  • GIT integration

Cloud hosting plan starts from $80.

Go Geek plan – suitable for ~100,000 visits.
If your budget is tight and expected traffic is a medium
range, then Go Geek plan would be a good
choice.You can get it started from $11.95 a month.

9. Pagely

Pagely is powered by AWS to help a big brand to
scale the WordPress. Pagely pricing starts from $499, and you
get everything you can ask for.

  • Unlimited pageviews – no matter how busy your site is
  • CDN – global CDN included serving content to the users from
    the nearest location
  • Advanced security – don’t worry about your site being
  • Route 53 latency reduced DNS
  • Dedicated IP, HTTP/2 ready, PHP 7
  • Access – get everything you need like SSH, Database, WP-CLI

Pagely is trusted by brand like Visa, Disney, Comcast, eBay,

Managing busy site is challenging as it
requires excellent skills and knowledge on multiple
infrastructure levels. If you are good in that then you
may build your WordPress environment otherwise you can choose
from above listed.

Almost all offer money-back so go ahead and give a try to see
what works for you.


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