8 Best Android Office Apps To Boost Your Productivity In 2018

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Office application is
an essential suite that allows you to create powerful
spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc., on a smartphone.
Moreover, Android office apps come with cloud integration so
that you can directly access the reports from the cloud, edit
them, or save them online.

To meet the productivity need of Android users, the Play
Store offers an extensive collection of Android office apps.
But, we have saved you the hassle of going through each one of
them and provide you a list of the best office apps for
Android. The apps that we have picked are all free, although
some do have Pro version or extra features available for in-app
purchases. You can also refer to this list if you’re looking
for Microsoft Office alternatives for your PC.

Note: This list isn’t in an order of preference; it’s
a compilation of the best Android Office apps. You’re advised
to choose one as per your need.

8 Top Recommended Android Office Applications In 2018

1. WPS Office

Formerly known as Kingsoft office, WPS Office is an
acronym for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. It is one
of the best Android office apps that supports all the necessary
features of Microsoft Office needed in mobile. The app comes
with a clean and easy to use interface where you can create
Presentation, Excel sheets, PDFs or complex MS-word like

This Microsoft Office alternative for mobile has over forty
languages, integrates with EverNote and supports wireless
printing. It can open documents from many local sources and
access and save files to other cloud storage providers.
Moreover, it also assists document encryption to associate a
password with docs.

The only disadvantageous thing about the app is that it comes
with ads and there is no way to pay your way out of seeing
those adverts. However, other than this, the app is available
for free and is a necessary Android office app.

Download WPS Office from Play Store here.

2. Polaris Office 

Polaris Office + PDF is an excellent free Android office
app with an all-in-one feature to view, edit, share, and
archive all types of documents anytime and anywhere. It is
capable of editing Microsoft Office file formats (DOC/DOCX,
HWP, PPT/PPTX, TEXT, XLS/XLSX) and viewing PDF files. You can
also cast documents, presentation, spreadsheets to a Chromecast
from this app.

The app has a user-friendly and straightforward interface
where they introduced bold, user-friendly menus that were easy
to use and consistent throughout the app. It also offers its
owned cloud drive (Polaris Drive) where you can sync all your
documents. Also, you can even prefer your existing cloud
storage providers (Google Drive, DropBox, and Amazon Cloud
Drive, etc.)

Moreover, Polaris allows users to open a document in a
compressed Zip file without extracting the archive. It has a
program that allows uploading and downloading documents from a
desktop computer to a mobile device. The app supports over 15
languages and is an excellent alternative for the other major
office apps.

Click here to
download Polaris Office.

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3. OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is more than just an office app. It opens all
the major file types from local, and network location including
cloud services and even comes with a sign-in feature that syncs
with all your devices. OfficeSuite is compatible with Microsoft
Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, and Adobe PDF files. It
supports all basic Microsoft formats (DOC, DOCX, DOCM, XLS,
additional document and office formats like RTF, TXT, ZIP and

OfficeSuite integrates a robust file manager for advanced
synchronization and quick & easy access to both local and
remote files. The app is free to download, and all the
essential features are available in the free version. However,
the paid version comes with more advanced features. The paid
version allows you to convert any files to PDF and easily scans
documents and images with your camera. It is among one of the
most expensive apps.

Download it from Play Store here

4. Docs To Go

Docs To Go has been around for quite some time now. It is
one of the oldest and best Android office apps available in the
market. It has a simple file explorer interface where you can
quickly locate and open your documents. Docs To Go contains all
the necessary features such as word processing, spreadsheet
editing, and presentation editing. It does an excellent job of
letting you do these things without much of a setup as the app
requires no account sign-up to get started and provides you the
freedom to save files wherever you choose.

Docs To Go has a unique feature that can show you the Microsoft
Office’s track changes. You can see the changes you’ve
previously made to your documents. The app is free to download,
but the options for desktop file sync, connecting to
multiple cloud storage accounts, and opening password-protected
files are available only via in-app purchases.

Download Docs To Go from here.

5. Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

In June 2015, Microsoft released updated versions of
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android phones. They instantly
became among the best apps that have registered 50 million
downloads. These apps are present as a  bundle in the
“Office Hub” on Windows phones and Android phones. You can
download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free.

They have an intuitive user interface where you can view, edit,
and create documents on the go. It integrates with OneDrive,
Microsoft’s cloud service, and DropBox. OneDrive automatically
saves all documents written by the Office Mobile programs.
Also, a home screen of the Office Hub displays a list of
recent documents saved to OneDrive. The Windows phone version
also allows users to keep files locally on the device. Overall,
the apps are great to use, and they are worth a try.

  • Microsoft Word Play Store link.
  • Microsoft Excel Play Store link.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Play Store link.

6. Google Drive

Google gives you access to all of your Word, Excel and
PowerPoint documents in Google Drive. After you store a
Microsoft Office file in Google Drive, you can use it in Office
Compatibility Mode (OCM). OCM is included with Goole’s Docs,
Sheets, and Slides apps.

Drive serves as a hub. When you open any document in your
Google Drive, it will automatically open the appropriate app,
where you will be able to edit it. The interface of Google
Drive is easy-to-use and straightforward, and the app is
available for free.

Download Google Drive here.

7. Quip-Docs, Chat, Sheets

Quip is a light app that gives users the ability to
collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, and even
to-do lists. It is super easy to create any documents and
invite others to make changes to it. The app can handle all
types of office documents, slides, spreadsheets and supports
all kind of Android devices. But, this isn’t the app to use if
you want to make or edit presentations.

Quip has a slick interface and is intuitive to use. The app has
a chat feature for collaborating tasks. All documents made in
Quip can be exported out to other apps likes DropBox, EverNote,
Google Drive, and more. The app is free to download and also
works on a computer (Mac and PC.)

Download it here.

8. SmartOffice

SmartOffice is another impressive Android office app which is
full-featured and easy to operate. You can create, edit, view,
and share Microsoft Office documents right from your
smartphone. It allows complete editing features along with rich
formatting styles such as bold, italics, font color, etc. You
can access files from MS word, powerpoint, spreadsheets, etc.
Also, you can save your documents in original format or convert
it to PDFs.

The app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can
open and save your documents to the cloud. Moreover, you can
secure your private files with password protection. It has
support for over 35 different languages. And, the best part
about the app is that is free with no ads or in-app purchases.

Download it here.

Did you find this list of best Android office apps to be
helpful? Share your reviews in the comments below.

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