5 Biggest Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Apple Homepod

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Apple Homepod’s online pre-order stock
sold out on the eve of its release date. Until we see the
numbers, it can’t be said with much certainty if the company
had limited stock or Homepod was in high demand. As the expert
reviews have suggested, it’s the best sounding smart speaker in
the market. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect.

Given the cost and Apple’s proprietary approach, buying
Homepod won’t be easy for most of us. Here are the five biggest
reasons why you shouldn’t buy Apple Homepod. Give it a read:

Apple Homepod: Why skip this smart speaker

1. Apple’s closed garden approach in aggressive mode

It’s a known fact that Apple’s products work best with each
other. The way an iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch sync together is
one of the primary reasons why people choose to stick with
iDevices. That notion doesn’t change with Homepod. However,
there are some added issues with this smart speaker.

You can’t even set up a Homepod and use it if you don’t have an
iPhone. While you can use Airplay to stream music from other
music services, you need an Apple Music subscription to get the
most out of the speaker. Over the years, Apple has mastered its
act of pushing the demand for iPhones with other products, but
that wasn’t as forced as Homepod. Earlier, you were able to buy
an iPhone and make it work with your Windows laptop, tons of
music services, smart speakers, streaming devices, etc. Things
are different in case of Homepod.

2. Siri is dumb

Ever since Apple announced Homepod, it made sure to underline
that it’s firstly a speaker with amazing sound–the “smart” part
comes second. That’s true. The reviews have told the same.
Homepod’s unmatchable sound quality is being dragged down
by Siri. While Siri already lags behind Google Assistant and
Alexa, Homepod doesn’t even ship with usual Siri that you use
on iPhone. It can’t even set two timers, make calls, or check
your calendar. Things can change in future updates, but the
situation looks pretty grim at the moment.

3. It’s costly, obviously

Then there’s the usual cost factor with Apple products. $349
isn’t a tiny amount of money you can spend without weighing
down pros and cons. With Homepod, this analysis becomes more
critical. In my opinion, $349 price can only be justified in
your case if you fulfill all the following conditions:

  • Already engrossed in Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Have an Apple Music subscription.
  • You care about sound quality a lot.
  • If you live alone, because only then you’ll be comfortable
    using Siri’s ‘personal requests’ feature.
  • No plans to buy Android smartphone in the near future.
  • Using Siri mostly for music control, weather reports, and
    other basic tasks.

4. No full Spotify support

Apple Music’s subscriber count is growing at a faster rate.
Still, Spotify remains the most popular music streaming service
out there. You can stream music to Homepod from Spotify, but
you can’t tell Siri to play a particular song. You’ll need to
control songs and their operations from your iPhone manually.
That’s just frustrating and makes Homepod no better than any
other dumb speaker with a great sound.

5. Costly repair as well

When it comes to repairability, Homepod has been awarded a poor
score of 1/10 by iFixit. The other competing smart speakers
have scored much better in this test.

An out-of-warranty Apple Homepod repair and replacement will
cost $279, which is about 80% of the original price. If you add
the shipping cost, it’ll get closer to $349. So, if you’re
buying a Homepod, you should get AppleCare+ that costs $39.

If the reasons mentioned above aren’t good enough to keep
you away from a Homepod, you can get one here.

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