Play Android Games In Play Store Without Downloading Them, Here Is How

Google has redesigned Google Play Games app, and its latest addition is
the Google Play Instant feature that allows users to play trial
games without downloading them.

The Google Play Instant is now available in
the Play Store, but it only has a handful of Android games
offering trials at the moment such as Clash Royale, Crosswords,
Mighty Battles, etc.

You can take trials of the game just by tapping at the “Play”
button which lets you experience the game’s full, native
experience quickly without any major delay given that you have
a good internet connection.

While you try out the games, the app prompts you to download
the game if you liked it and with a single tap, the game would
be installed on your Android device.

There is a new “Arcade” tab where you can check out some cool
video game trailers or YouTube videos to get an overview of the

Google Play Instant

Moreover, you can discover new games by using tags like
“New” or “Action” to find your preferred type of games.

According to Google, the number of Android users who have
installed a game has more than doubled during the last year.

With the increased animation and video previews, gamers can
easily explore different categories of games to play.
Hopefully, by the end of the year, more games will be available
at the Google Play Instant app for you to try out.

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LG Releases ‘Open Source Edition’ Of webOS Operating System

You might have heard about the webOS that finds a home in LG
smart TVs nowadays. The Linux-based operating system was
originally developed by Palm. Later, the company was
acquired by HP and it released webOS on
their TouchPad tablets.

webOS later landed in the hand of the South Korean
electronics giant LG and made its way into smart TVs and
smart refrigerators produced by the company. It was
proprietary, but now, LG has decided to complete the long-due
task of open sourcing webOS which was first proposed by

As per the latest announcement, LG
has released an open source edition of the webOS. The latest
development is part of the company’s effort to expand webOS’
global footprint and moving towards its commercialization. LG
has signed an MOU with the Korean federal agency NIPA to pitch
webOS as an open and connectivity-rich platform for more device

The webOS open source edition can be downloaded, along with
other components from the newly created website (source code on
GitHub). There, users can also find
other details including setup instructions. To try and
test apps, webOS OSE 1.0 can be installed on a Raspberry Pi 3
having an 8GB (or higher capacity) microSD.

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Teacher Who Taught Computers On Blackboard

PDFelement 6 for iOS: A Free PDF Editor For Your iPhone And iPad

When it comes to documents, PDF files are perhaps the most
important file types around. They’re also heavily popular due
to the ease of use they bring to the table. In everyday life,
we come across it to read ebooks, save bills, transferring
documents, etc. A fixed formatting of the contents of a PDF is
a primary reason why PDF format is so popular.

But, what if you have to alter the text of PDF files? While
there are tons of solutions out there, just a few of them work
fine and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here, we’re going to
talk about PDFelement for iOS.
Using this iOS mobile app, you can read, edit, sign, and
convert PDF files with convenience.

What makes this tool more interesting is that it’s free of
cost. So, you can ditch your regular, free PDF reader and go
ahead and get a tool that also offers editing
capabilities. So, let’s explore the major features of
PDFelement for iOS and find out how it can help us get the best
while we are on the go.

pdfelement ios homescreen

Device requirements for PDFelemet for iOS

  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

When you’ll first fire up the app and open any PDF stored on
your device, you’ll find that it looks like a regular PDF
reader. You can read the text with convenience. Like other
standard readers, it keeps track of the pages that you’ve read
and makes sure that you come back to the right page next time.
Overall, it gets all the basic tasks done.

Get HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Editing text like Word file

Now comes the editing part. When you’ll open any PDF file in
the app, different options to edit the file will automatically
appear at the top.

Tapping the pen icon will reveal different annotation
options from the left like text color, underline, eraser,
handwritten text, signature, etc. By just tapping the needed
option, you can activate the same.

pdfelement ios annotation options

You can also insert different shapes like rectangles, arrows,
circles, etc. The stamp feature turns out to be helpful when
one needs to review documents. The stamps are dynamic and
details like time get updated on their own.

pdfelement ios stamp

There’s a document signing feature as well that lets you add
your customized signature to the document. You can either
create your signature by moving the fingers on the screen or
upload the image of the same. Also, there’s another option to
capture the picture of your signature with your phone’s camera
right inside the app.

pdfelement ios text editing

Now, moving ahead to the text editing part. The second right
icon on the top is for the text editing mode. Tapping on the
same will highlight all the text on PDF in rectangular boxes.
Tapping on a box will open the keyboard and let you add/delete
text. The text you type automatically matches with the default
font and size, so you don’t have to worry about those aspects.

Convert PDFs, turn the picture into PDF, and WiFi transfer

The features of PDFelement for iOS aren’t limited to simply
editing; you can convert PDF files to other formats like Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, RTF, XML, HTML, etc. To take advantage
of this feature and unlock more, you’ll need to create a free
Wondershare ID.

pdfelement ios file converter

That’s not all. You can also get the document scanning
functionality as well. This option will let you choose the
existing pictures on the device or take pictures from the
camera right inside the app.

pdfelement ios wifi transfer

A feature to help you transfer files easily over the WiFi if
both the devices are connected to the same network. After
selecting the WiFi option, you’ll be shown an URL that you need
to enter on your PC or other devices. From there you can share
files seamlessly. You can also connect PDFelement to different
cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox,
iCloud, etc.

Overall, PDFelement for iOS is a feature-packed PDF editor
solution that’s available at zero cost. The app is clean
looking and intuitive, so you can just focus on getting the
work done.

You can get PDFelement for iOS from Wondershare’s website by
visiting this link.
Do give it a try and share your valuable feedback.

You can also take a look at this article to know
full-featured PDFelement Pro for the desktop.

This article is sponsored by Wondershare!

8 Best Radio Apps For Android To Stream Online Music In 2018

We have come a long way from transistor radios to this era of
high-quality audio-visual entertainment. Although the use of
AM/FM radios has significantly decreased, it is still a major
form of communication. Freddie Mercury soulfully expressed his
love for radio in the song “Radio Gaga,” and for music
lovers, the love for radio has never died.

Radio can give you company when you are driving or working
out. Most of the smartphones come with a built-in FM radio
app. Such apps can only play local FM stations. However, there
are a lot of other admirable Android radio apps available for
online radio streaming. These apps provide thousands of radio
stations from all over the globe.

Note: This list isn’t in order of
preference. You are advised to choose any of these as per your

8 Best Radio Apps For Android In 2018

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn comes with more than 100,000 radio stations along with
over million on-demand programs and podcasts around the world.
In addition to music, it can deliver news, sports, comedy
programs, radio talks, etc. You can choose to listen from any
genre of music like rock, pop, classical, blues, etc. With the
premium version, you can stream live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA,
along with ad-free music streaming. You can launch TuneIn using
Google Assistant by just saying “OK Google listen to TuneIn.”

Moreover, TuneIn features a Car Mode that can change the
interface of the app which will be suitable for you while
driving. You can also use the app on Android Wear devices,
Google Chromecast, Android Auto or Android TV.

2. Radio Player from

Audials is one of the powerful Android radio apps which is
highly-featured and covers over 50,000 radio stations. You can
select radio stations based on different genres, country, top
artists, etc. It offers over 100 podcasts that you can listen.
Also, you can record any playing station and save it to your
phone. Moreover, the app includes a built-in audio and video
player, equalizer, sleep timer, Car Mode, etc. You can work
over the cloud and move your music files to SD-Card. Also, it
has support for Chromecast. Apart from this, Audials is free
with no in-app purchases or ads.

3. Radio Online –

PCRADIO is a lightweight Android radio app that can work even
in low internet speed. The app has a user-friendly interface,
and all the radio stations are well-sorted, based on different
genres like rock, pop, metal, etc. It features hundreds of
radio stations, and you can also search for a particular radio
station in the search bar. You can mark certain stations as
favorite and access them later. The app claims to be power
efficient. Playback can be controlled from your headset.

PCRADIO also has a built-in equalizer and a sleep timer. It is
available for free with in-app purchases and contains ads.

4. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a popular and one of the best radio apps for
Android. You can stream over thousands of radio stations along
with a vast collection of podcasts. It allows listeners to save
and replay songs. You can also discard any station that you
don’t like. You can look for any playlists based on your mood,
different genres, seasonal activities, etc. It also comes with
Chromecast and Android Wear support.

iHeartRadio is free to download and contains ads. However, you
can opt for monthly subscriptions for additional features.

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5. XiiaLive

XiiaLive is a fully-featured Android radio app that provides
more than 50,000 radio stations from across the world. You can
search by song or artist names. In addition to music, you can
also listen to different talks on a variety of topics. The app
is well-organized, and you can also save your favorite
stations. It supports a variety of streaming audio
formats. The app includes a sleep timer and an alarm
feature to wake up to your favorite station.

XiiaLive is highly customizable and includes different themes,
app control features, backup and restore option, etc. It also
has a built-in equalizer. It is free to download with no in-app
purchases and contains ads.

6. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is one of the best free radio apps for Android that
offers over 1000 free customizable radio channels. You can
select from more than 50 different genres of music like rock,
pop, jazz, alternative, country, etc. To use the app, you need
to sign up first. You can customize each channel and blacklist
artists or songs that you don’t like. You can even search for
any particular station. It allows you to mark stations as
favorite. Moreover, there is a History tab in the app where you
can look for channels that you previously viewed. It is free
with no-app purchases and contains ads.

7. Simple Radio

Simple Radio is one of the straightforward radio apps for
Android to stream AM/FM radio stations. It includes over 40,000
different radio stations from all over the world. The homepage
consists of two tabs: ‘Favorites’ and ‘Recommended.’ But, you
can search for any radio stations of any country or even by the
genre in the search bar. You can mark any station as favorite
and easily access them later. It has a clean, user-friendly
interface which is easy to operate. Although the app is quite
simple and not highly featured, it can still be a relevant
choice. The app is ad-supported and offers in-app purchases.

8. Pandora Music

Pandora is undoubtedly one of the best Android radio apps on
the market. Also, it poses itself as a considerable alternative
to TuneIn radio.

However, for now, it only works in the US. Instead of dealing
with specific stations, you can create your own stations in
Pandora. You can do that by searching for a particular genre,
song, artist, etc. It also offers different playlists that you
can stream. If you like any specific song, then you can even
‘like’ it, and Pandora will program the station based on your
likes. This technique is an excellent way to discover new

The free version of the app displays ads. But, it also has a
premium version that allows you to stream ad-free music along
with some other extra features including high-quality audio
streaming. The app also runs on Android Wear 2.0.

Did you find this list of best free radio apps for Android to
be helpful? Share your views in the comments.

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Microsoft Extends Support To Ghana Teacher Who Taught Computers On Blackboard

zorin os 12.3 Files-Folders

Educating children on how to use a computer is already a
challenging task in itself but try imagining the plight of a
person doing it without a computer!

A 33-year old teacher from Ghana, Richard Appiah Akoto
went viral on social media last month when he uploaded pictures
of himself teaching Microsoft Word on a blackboard due to a
lack of computers.

He undertook the task of sketching out the entire Microsoft
Word screen on a blackboard in colored chalk so his pupils
could learn the software functions without devices.

Microsoft recognized the efforts of the ICT teacher at Betenase
M/A Junior High School in the southern Ghana town of
Sekyedumase. Soon donations from people and organization
starting pouring in the form of desktop computers and laptops
to his school.

Betenase Junior High School Get Laptops

Impressed by Akoto’s dedication, Microsoft made arrangements to
have him flown to Singapore where he attended the annual
Microsoft Educators Exchange.

This event had over 400 educators and school leaders
participating from 91 countries to discuss the role of
technology in education on a common platform.

The Vice President of Worldwide Education at
Microsoft, Anthony Salcito, applauded Akoto for setting
an example for teachers across the globe who face
several challenges in educating their students.

“At Microsoft, we believe that educators are heroes and are
pushing the boundaries of what is possible to transform
learning and making a direct impact on the experiences and
lifelong skills of their students.”

Akoto is now a part of Microsoft Certified Educator Program
(MCE) where educators exchange their experiences and learn
from one another to develop better ways of teaching and
engaging with students.

Zorin OS 12.3 Linux Distro Released: Download The Perfect Windows Replacement

zorin os 12.3 Files-Folders

Now listen to Fossbytes stories!

While listing out the best distros for a Linux beginner, the ease of use and
installation are the most critical factors. Such qualities make
distros like Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Zorin OS the most
recommended options. In case you’re also concerned about your
privacy and security, a shift to the world of Linux becomes a
more obvious option.

Calling itself a replacement for Windows and macOS, Zorin OS
has been established as a beginner-friendly option that offers
a smooth ride while making the transition. The latest Zorin OS 12.3
works to strengthen the basics of the operating
system and polishes the whole experience.

What’s new in Zorin OS 12.3

While the number of applications available for Linux distros
keeps on increasing each day, there are some cases when one
misses Windows system. To help you out in such cases, the
latest Wine 3.0 for running Windows apps has been built into
Zorin OS 12.3. This means that you can now enjoy a better
experience with Windows apps.

With the addition of Direct3D 10 and 11 support in Wine 3.0,
you get access to even a bigger library of games in Zorin OS.

zorin os 12.3 Files-Folders

Talking about the looks and feels, with the user feedback, the
team has worked to make the Zorin OS desktop more intuitive.
Now one can select custom colors to folders and attach file

In case you’re printing a document, a new indicator appears on
its own in the panel. You can also use the Windows List layout
in Zorin OS 12.3 and pin/label apps directly from the panel.

It goes without saying that the Linux 4.13-powered Zorin OS
ships with all the updated packages for a better out-of-the-box

Download Zorin OS 12.3

Zorin OS comes in different versions: Core, Lite, Ultimate,
Business, and Education. You can visit this link and download them as
per your need. The existing users of 12.2 can install the
latest updates from Software Updater and shift to 12.3.

Give it a try and share your feedback in the comments section
below. Keep reading Fossbytes.

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World’s Top VPN Provider, Private Internet Access (PIA), Goes Open Source

In the past decade, the market for VPN services has grown at a
rapid pace. There many reputed services available that provide
security and give you peace of mind. Private Internet Access
is one such well-known VPN provider that has also
found #2 spot on our list of best VPN services.

PIA has gone one step ahead to gain the trust of more users.
The company has announced that
it has started the process of open sourcing their software.
Over the next half-year, Private Internet Access will release
the source code of all its client-side applications,
extensions, and libraries.

Earlier, the customers who didn’t wish to run their proprietary
app had the option to use their OpenVPN gateway. Now with open
source, the paranoid privacy geeks will have the option to look
into their app and see how things are working.

Moreover, as it happens in open source community, the community
can take the code, reuse it for personal applications or help
PIA improve it.

Starting today, PIA has first shared the code of its Chrome
extension that allows users to access PIA proxies via the web
browser. It also comes with features like disabling the camera,
microphone, flash, etc. Find the code here on GitHub.

As said above, the company plans to release all its client side
code into the open and hopes to get feedback.

In case you wish to read about their VPN performance in detail,
read our review of Private
Internet Access (PIA).

Google Assistant Can Now Speak Hindi: Here’s How To Enable It

Google has rolled out updates
for Google Assistant that will enable it to speak in Hindi
language, the third most spoken language in the world.

This update is now available on all Android phones running on
version 6.0+ (Marshmallow and above) and will be soon available
on Android 5.0 Lollipop and iPhone devices as well.

The virtual assistant works in its usual manner for Hindi as it
does for other languages. You can talk to it in Hindi along
with a few occasional English words that are commonly spoken in
Hindi and it is smart enough to understand it.

Without further ado, let’s take a look on how to enable and use

Firstly, update your Google Search app to
the latest version in order to access the Hindi
Google Assistant.

Then launch the Google Assistant by touching and holding the
Home button or just say “OK Google” to start the app.

By default, the app is set to English language, so you will
have to change the language settings to Hindi. Go to Settings,
navigate to Phone > Assistant Language and select Hindi.

But unfortunately, this isn’t enough to activate the Hindi
speaking abilities of the app. You will also need to change the
system language of your phone from phone Settings and this is
something that Google needs to work on.

Once you select Hindi in the Language & Input section, the
system language will change and your Google Assistant is good
to go.

The Assistant is smart enough to understand your typed queries
and voice commands in Hindi. You can ask questions like
“Cricket ka score kya hain?” or assign tasks “Kal subah mujhe
saat baje jagaao.”

There is also a dedicated website which has a list of frequently used commands
that you can check out.

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10 Best Android Download Manager Apps For 2018

managers are designed to give users great control over their
downloads. Some manager apps can accelerate download speeds by
downloading from multiple sources at a time. A stock Android
download manager usually comes pre-installed on devices by
default. But, these default download managers might provide slow
downloading speeds and, generally, do not have advanced
features like queuing or resuming paused downloads.

Thus, we have picked a list of 10 best Android download manager
apps which are faster with various other features to provide a
better downloading experience. Many of you might be searching
for IDM for Android to get a better experience on phone. 
However, you must know that these apps do not allow you to
download YouTube videos due to YouTube’s terms and conditions.
To download Youtube videos on Android, you can take a look at
our article on best Android Youtube downloaders.

Note: This list isn’t in order of
preference. You are advised to choose any of these apps to suit
your needs.

Top Android Download Manager Apps In 2018

1. Advanced Download

Advanced Download Manager is a powerful Android app. It lets
you download files of any type and up to 3 files at once to
your Android device. The app automatically recognizes
downloadable links or files from your default browser and even
accelerates the downloading speed by using up to 9
multithreading instances. It supports browsers like Chrome,
Dolphin, Boat Browser, etc. It also has a built-in browser
called ADM that supports multiple tabs and provides advanced
media download capabilities.

This IDM alternative for Android has a clean interface and
covers a lot of outstanding features. You can choose from
several different download folders depending on the file type
and can even pause, resume, or re-try downloads. It allows
downloading mp3 from popular music archives. The app is
available for free in the Play Store and supports download of
files even larger than 2 GB.

2. Loader Droid

The Loader Droid download manager is primarily designed for the
Android platform. Similar to the ADM, it automatically captures
downloadable links from supported Android browsers. It provides
fast downloading speed by splitting the download into parts.
You can even pause and schedule the download for a later time.

Loader Droid is free, stable and easy to use. It can download
files of any size and can save them to your SD card. It also
comes with an embedded browser, and you can download any file
you prefer. Overall, this download manager app for Android is
worth a try. It is free and ad-supported.

3. Turbo Download

TDM is an excellent tool that aims to provide reliable file
downloading even on low bandwidth. You can use the built-in web
browser or your default Android browser. It supports Dolphin,
Chrome, Firefox, Skyfire, UC Browser, Boat Browser, etc. Turbo
can boost your speed by using multiple connections and fine
tunes it with additional speed performance settings. It can run
up to 10 multiple threads. You can pause/resume downloads
anytime; even when your screen is turned off, it will continue
downloading and notify you.

Turbo allows you to download directly to your SD card. You can
access up to three parallel downloads. MD5 hash validation
ensures that your download files are not corrupted. Turbo
download manager is free with no in-app purchases but contains

4. Download Accelerator

Download Accelerator Plus is another well-suited Android
download manager app to easily download content. Its
outstanding features include direct download to the SD card,
built-in browser with multiple tabs, auto-resume capability of
interrupted downloads and many more. It can auto-catch
downloadable links whenever you copy to clipboard or open
downloadable links in your browser. You can even log in to your
google account and backup your download data. The app uses
smart error handling feature to prevent download threads

The UI of this advanced download manager app is well designed
for use in tablets. You can also set the maximum speed for
downloading. Apart from English, it is also available in other
languages. It is free with in-app purchases and contains ads.
The premium version removes all ads and also allows you to
schedule downloads.

5. Download Manager for

Download Manager for Android is known to be one of the best
download manager apps for Android on the market. It allows free
downloading of any files and claims to provide three times
faster-downloading speeds than other downloaders. Along with
its user-friendly interface, it also carries a built-in file
manager and browser. It features web page bookmark manager,
speech recognition, and also has the option to pause and resume
large downloads. It supports download for HTML 5 web pages and
videos. Downloader can spoof browser’s User Agent string to
display web pages like desktop, iPhone, iPad,  Safari and
other browsers.

The app overcomes many limitations of a download manager and
provides you with fast and secure downloading experience. It is
free with some in-app purchases and display ads.

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Players | 2018 Edition

6. Fast Download

Fast Download Manager is another excellent Android download
manager that allows you to download files easily and quickly.
It automatically detects downloadable links from your web
browser, or you can even manually add some links. You can
download all types of files, and can also pause, resume, or
restart downloads anytime. Moreover, with the Fast download
manager, you can download many files simultaneously and even
queue them. This fast file downloader also allows you to
download files while the app is running in the background.

The app is free and lightweight, and also has support for
different languages. It is ad-supported.

7. Download Manager

It is an advanced download manager app for Android with Torrent
download support. With Download Manager, you can save files
directly to your SD card. It can download compressed ZIP/RAR
files, docs, music, videos, photos and APK’s with ease.
Moreover, it contains an in-built browser with Adblock and
popup blocker. The app has an incredible interface with simple
access to the download files.

It comes with an awesome batch download feature to grab content
from sites. Download manager contains tutorial videos to help
you discover its various methods of video downloading. It is
free without any in-app purchases but may display full-screen
video ads.

8. GetThemAll

GetThemAll is one of the best download manager apps for
Android. With it, you no longer have to look through various
websites for downloadable files. It comes with a fully
integrated web browser. This browser displays a small arrow
button in the lower right corner, once you click it the app
analyzes the page and looks for any downloadable files or
links. It also has a built-in file manager, and you can even
download files in background mode.

GetThemAll provides an easy way to share files to Google Drive
or to send them to PC  via WiFi. It is free in the Play
Store with no in-app purchases. The app, however, displays ads.
It also has an ad-free version that is not free to download.

9. Downloader &
Private Browser

Downloader and Private Browser is a lightweight and impressive
download manager app for Android users. To download files, you
will have to access them via its browser. It supports
downloading of all formats of files. You can even browse the
web privately by enabling its private browsing feature.
Moreover, you can store your downloaded data in a
password-protected folder. It also has an in-app video and
music player.

The app supports up to 10 parallel downloads. It is available
for free with in-app purchases. However, you may be annoyed
with ads.

10. IDM Download

Not to be confused with the popular download manager for
Windows, IDM download manager is an Android downloader tool. It
claims to provide five times faster-downloading speed along
with the flexibility to download any files. You can download
from your default browser or email, by using the link share, or
even by entering the URL manually.

Apart from download management, this fast file downloader also
comes with a built-in browser, file manager, music and video
player. IDM supports download from HTML 5 web pages and also
gives you the ability to pause, resume, or cancel downloads
anytime. It is a simple yet well-organized app that is
available for free. It has some in-app purchases and also
contains ads.

Did you find this list of 10 best Android download manager apps
to be helpful? Share your reviews in the comments.

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Here Are The ‘Most’ And ‘Least’ Radiation Emitting Smartphones You Can Buy

The recent times have seen a
massive increase in the usage of smartphones. It has
almost become an obsession as many users find themselves unable
of spending a day or even an hour without checking
notifications on their phones.

According to a survey, the current
population of smartphone users across the world is estimated to
be over 2.5 billion. This means a majority of us live under the
constant influence of radiation which might give rise to
several health problems.

Even though there is no conclusive scientific evidence
regarding the effects of mobile phone radiation, the impact of
radiation on people’s health has been questioned time and

While the mobile phone makers are engrossed in a race of
launching feature-packed phones to lure in more customers,
they neglect the ill effects of radiation caused by such smart

But the phone manufacturers are not wholly responsible for it.
An equal share of the blame goes to users who pull out their
wallets to get their hands on the latest phones.

But all is not lost, as we have jotted down a list of
smartphones for you, that emit the most and least amount of
radiation. These lists include both Android and iOS smartphones
for which the ranking is done on the basis of their SAR
(Specific Absorption Rate) value.

So in case you are planning to buy a new phone, you should take
a look at the following infographic which will help you in
weighing your options.

List of Highly Radiating Phones

As we can see, Mi A1 made by Chinese company Xiaomi tops the
chart as the most radiation emitting phone. In fact, the most
of the highly radiating smartphones are Chinese models
occupying 10 out of top 16 positions.

Seeing iPhones which burn users pocket among the most radiation
emitting smartphones might come as a bit of a shocker for many.

While Sony Xperia M5 ranks as the least radiating
smartphone, the majority of the spots are taken by Samsung
phones which are mostly safe in terms of SAR.

This data has been obtained from the German Federal Office
for Radiation Protection which has accumulated an extensive
database of
smartphones and their emission levels.

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